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2018 Blog Goals & Giveaway!

2018 Blog Goals & Giveaway! Bring on 2018! Our 2018 Blog Goals may be bland or grand compared to others, but I am ready for a new year, are you?! This can get wordy, but Kelli & I want to share some of our plans with our readers! We have a wonderful readership and even though growth is always a goal, I am […]

2017 Blog Goals & Giveaway!

2017 Blog Goals & Giveaway! Happy 2017! Come celebrate putting 2016 behind us and starting fresh in 2017! We will each share our 2017 Blog Goals as well as some personal facts and figures for being better readers, bloggers, and all around fangirls! We hope you will enjoy reading our successes as well as help us dig ourselves out of […]

Feature: #12DaysofBooks December Reading Challenge

#12DaysofBooks December Reading Challenge I decided to join in Good Choice Reading’s #12DaysofBooks Reading Challenge for December! It just so happens that I need to read 12 books in order to complete my Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge Goal of 95 books this year! However, I am the slowest reader ever, so 12 books is definitely a challenge for me! Whoa! […]

2016 Blog Goals Check-in & Giveaway

2016 Blog Goals Check-in & Giveaway We almost let the 6 month mark roll on by without doing a Blog Goals Check-in post…but with a few days to spare in June, we are posting our mid-year check-in from the blog goals we set back in January. So take a peek into our statuses so far & see us scramble for the next […]

2016 Blog Goals & Giveaway!

2016 Blog Goals & Giveaway! Well 2015 is officially behind us and 2016 is well on its way! I can’t believe how much has happened in the last year! When I am trying to gather things for this post it was quite shocking, to me, all that we accomplished! In this post we will share with you all some blog stats […]