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Hollywood is Optioning Books Even Before Being Released

Hollywood is clearly on the search for the next “Big Thing” as they keep optioning books like mad and now even before the books have even been published. It is no surprise to me that this practice is happening and I am sure has happened a lot in the past too, but lately it seems like almost every new series […]

Happy Earth Day! What is Your Favorite Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian Novel?

 Happy Earth Day! When I was younger Earth Day to me meant an opportunity to learn about ways to conserve our precious planet and how to pass that information onto others around me. Now that I am much older and live planet conscious everyday of my life, Earth Day has become an excuse to read or watch some of my […]

Julie Kagawa Scores Massive Deal on New Series

I love the Iron Fey series and I have not been shy about it; Julie Kagawa’s newest series Blood of Eden (The Immortal Rules) had the movie rights secured almost immediately. But the biggest news announced on 1/30/13, is Kagawa’s newest fantasy series, not titled, which was bought by HarlequinTEEN, in a seven-figure, five-book deal, with the first book due to […]

Vampire Academy Movie Set to Begin Filming This Summer

In the ever growing list of YA series that have been optioned for the big screen none had me more excited than Vampire Academy. For those not familiar with Vampire Academy it tells the story of 17 year old Rose Hathaway a Dhampir, a half human/half vampire, who shares a special spiritual link with Lissa her best friend, who also happens […]

Movie Review: Warm Bodies (aka hmmm Nicholas Hoult)

I was a lucky gal & got the chance to go see an early screening of Warm Bodies – the movie. I jumped on the tickets immediately as, Warm Bodies – the book, by Isaac Marion, was an achingly beautiful love story told from a zombie’s POV.  I read a lot of zombie books & watch a lot of zombie […]

Beautiful Disaster Hires Writer for Big Screen Adaptation

Earlier this year Jamie McGuire’s hugely popular new adult book Beautiful Disaster was optioned by Warner Bros. As is the trend with many books of late, being optioned doesn’t necessarily guarantee that your movie will be made, however the studio just hired writer Julia Hart to pen the screenplay. She joins Donald De Line, best known for producing The Italian Job, who is […]

BookCrushin’s Deck the Shelves Year End Extravaganza: Poll and Giveaway #2

The BookCrushin Year End Deck the Shelves Extravaganza continues. This week we are turning our attention to “The Most Anticipated Book to Movie Adaptation of 2013”. So many of our favorite books are making their way to the big screen next year that we thought we’d see which ones you are most excited for. And of course, attached with this […]

Becca Fitzpatrick’s ‘Hush, Hush’ Optioned for Movie

I’ll admit it I’m a sucker for an angel book. In the sea of vampire, werewolf, and dystopian books, angels always have a special place in my heart. That was why I was so taken with Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush series and was ecstatic when reported today that LD Entertainment optioned the film rights to all four books in […]

Catching Fire New Cast Photos and Mockingjay News

Posted by on October 03, 2012 in Books in the news | Comments Off on Catching Fire New Cast Photos and Mockingjay News is reporting that Emmy award-winning writer Danny Strong,who is better known to fans of Buffy as the evil Jonathan Levinson, has been chosen to write the screenplay for Mockingjay. In addition, Lionsgate has released the full cast list for all 13 district tributes to be seen in Catching Fire here.  Catching Fire isn’t expected to finish filming until December 2012 […]

Robopocalypse Coming to the Big Screen: Spielberg Attached

Posted by on September 28, 2012 in Books in the news | Comments Off on Robopocalypse Coming to the Big Screen: Spielberg Attached

Daniel H. Wilson’s science fiction epic Robopocalypse will be coming to a theater near you.  DreamWorks Studios just announced that Tim Rothman will produce and legendary director Steven Spielberg will direct. In addition, it’s been reported by The Hollywood Reporter that both Anne Hathaway and Chris Hemsworth are in talks to join what is gearing up to be a blockbuster […]