Blog Tour Review: Dead Girls Society by Michelle Krys

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Blog Tour Review: Dead Girls Society
by Michelle Krys

The Dead Girls Society by Michelle Krys was released last month and is such a fun read! So if you like a good mystery and a quick read, check out Dead Girls Society or continue to read my spoiler-free review below! Thank you to Delacorte Press for a review copy, which in no way influenced my opinion.


Dead Girls Society by Michelle Krys

Category: Young Adult, Contemporary, Mystery
Publication: November 8th, 2016; Delacorte Press
Purchase: Amazon

You are cordially invited to participate in a game of thrills and dares. Tell no one, and come alone. If you dare.

Hope is sick of everyone treating her like she’s breakable. Sure, she has cystic fibrosis (basically really bad lungs), but she’s tired of being babied by her mom and her overprotective best friend, Ethan, not to mention worrying about paying for her expensive medication and how she’s going to afford college. And she’s bored with life in her run-down New Orleans suburb.

When an invitation arrives from a mysterious group that calls itself the Society, Hope jumps at the chance for some excitement. This could be her ticket out. All she has to do is complete a few dares and she might win some real money.

But the Society isn’t all it seems . . . and soon Hope finds that playing the game isn’t a choice—it’s a requirement.


Spoiler-free Review:

Rating: ★★★½☆ 
You are cordially invited to participate in a game of thrills and dares.

Dead Girls Society was an entertaining and quick read. I love the cover, tag line and plot. This is a mystery revolving around a secret ‘game of thrills and dares’ with an eclectic group of girls. The narrator is Hope, who has been home-bound for a while now, dealing with a deadly lung disease, and just wants to be normal. Throw in this crazy mystery of who is controlling the game and you got yourself a fun thriller.

The plot was creative and a little intense, and the mystery took me by surprise, overall I think this was a well-crafted thriller. The characters were interesting and each had a ‘role’ to play in the games and why they were chosen.  The group dynamics were fun and I enjoyed their banter. I had some issues with obviousness to each ‘type’ of girl included, but the group is what kept me reading. Each girl had her own voice and their own issues for staying involved in a game with serious consequences.

I am having a hard time keeping my mouth shut and wanting to say spoilerish things, so I will just say that Dead Girls Society was definitely an unexpected read with unsuspecting twists. The book is definitely darker than I was prepared for, and once involved I was hooked.

As much as I enjoyed the read, the plot was interesting and the thrills were good, but something was off overall. I was also irritated with some of the end game plot devices, which is a huge spoiler, so let’s just say I had issues, that I am not sure everyone else will, and that lead to my rating of 3.5 out of 5. If you enjoy a good character driven mystery give Dead Girls Society a read!




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