ARC Review: And the Trees Crept In by Dawn Kurtagich

ARC Review: And the Trees Crept In
by Dawn Kurtagich

Thank you so much to Little, Brown Books for Young Readers for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.


treesAnd the Trees Crept In by Dawn Kurtagich

Category: Young Adult, Horror
Publication: September 6th, 2016; Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
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A stunning, terrifying novel about a house the color of blood and the two sisters who are trapped there, by The Dead Houseauthor Dawn Kurtagich

When Silla and Nori arrive at their aunt’s home, it’s immediately clear that the “blood manor” is cursed. The creaking of the house and the stillness of the woods surrounding them would be enough of a sign, but there are secrets too–the questions that Silla can’t ignore: Who is the beautiful boy that’s appeared from the woods? Who is the man that her little sister sees, but no one else? And why does it seem that, ever since they arrived, the trees have been creeping closer?

Filled with just as many twists and turns as The Dead House, and with achingly beautiful, chilling language that delivers haunting scenes, AND THE TREES CREPT IN is the perfect follow-up novel for master horror writer Dawn Kurtagich.




Rating: ★★★½☆ 

The cover is gorgeous. The summary is fantastic. And I thought this would be an exceptional horror story. While I enjoyed it, I didn’t love it the way I hoped I would.

Right off the bat, this book is creepy. And that never lets up until the very end. Snakes, moving trees, an invisible man, a possibly crazy aunt, and the strange and constant creaking sounds all had me tense as I read. I was also captivated by this story, because for much of it, I had no idea what was actually going on. Was it a monster story? Some other type of paranormal story? Or was this more of a twisted suspense book? Honestly, I was confused by several things — most of which was wrapped up clearly at the end. I think I still have a few questions about things that were glossed over or unexplained fully. I did have some issues with the pacing. For the first 25% or so, I was enthralled. Silla’s story was unique and crazy and intense… But then midway through, things slowed down. Became stagnant. It was also odd because it felt like we were getting answers, that things were HAPPENING and were about to be wrapped up. So I wondered what could be left.

But it’s a pretty crazy ride. I actually love the author’s writing style; especially the way she told this tale. It really makes your head spin and makes it almost impossible to figure out what exactly is going on. I admit to not trusting this beautiful Gowan. I felt he was part of this evil plot that I was sure was taking place. There are a few twists that I NEVER saw coming. I’d say the last 15% of the book is quite remarkable.

For a horror story, I absolutely recommend it to fellow fans of the genre. It has just the right amount of creepy elements to keep you on edge. It will also make your gut clench. I say read it late at night, lights off to up the ante, too. Enjoyable for me, but not a favorite.


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  1. Laura Johnston
    August 11, 2016

    I don’t read horror a lot, but sometimes it is fun to pick up a book that totally freaks me out! Gotta love mystery and suspense. And what a cover! Thanks for the review.

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