Cover Crush: Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray

Cover Crush: Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray

Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray is definitely a worthy CoverCrush! Wow! Just wow. I love the imagery and the color scheme, it really is perfect for this space, sci-fi adventure. I love stories set in space, I love envisioning what our future may look like and I am absolutely on board with robots. I am even more all aboard for the possibilities of the robots rising up and going to war with the humans and the robots showing how they are evolving from their programming. YES! Give me all the robot evolution and revolutions! Also, give me all the robot love there is! I can’t wait to read this one and it releases on April 4th, 2017! Be sure to add this to your TBR and check out Goodreads for an ARC giveaway!


Defy the Stars (Untitled #1) by Claudia Gray

Category: Young Adult, Sci-fi
Publication: April 4th, 2017; Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Purchase: Amazon

Noemi Vidal is a teen soldier from the planet Genesis, once a colony of Earth that’s now at war for its independence. The humans of Genesis have fought Earth’s robotic “mech” armies for decades with no end in sight.

After a surprise attack, Noemi finds herself stranded in space on an abandoned ship where she meets Abel, the most sophisticated mech prototype ever made. One who should be her enemy. But Abel’s programming forces him to obey Noemi as his commander, which means he has to help her save Genesis–even though her plan to win the war will kill him.

Together they embark on a daring voyage through the galaxy. Before long, Noemi begins to realize Abel may be more than a machine, and, for his part, Abel’s devotion to Noemi is no longer just a matter of programming.


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  1. Courtney H
    January 30, 2017

    The cover is so beautiful!

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