Books On Our Radar: Starlight Nights (738 Days #2) by Stacey Kade

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Books On Our Radar: Starlight Nights (738 Days #2) by Stacey Kade

Starlight Nights by Stacey Kade is a novel I have been waiting on ever since I devoured 738 Days! I love that the sequel is following another couple, as all good New Adult series do, and this time it is two stars from the famed Starlight world! Seriously, 738 Days swiped me off my feet. It was a hard sell at first, as I was worried about my own triggers, but it was done so well…and the slow burn romance. YES, PLEASE! I just love the angst of waiting and the anticipation. Seems like Starlight Nights is also going to give us a lot of this slow burn romance, as these two former colleagues now are attending the same college after their hit TV show is off air. The hardest part will be waiting until January 9th, 2018. So put this on your TBR, so you don’t miss out on a hot read warm you up this winter!


Starlight Nights (738 Days #2) by Stacey Kade

Category: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publication: January 9th, 2018; Forge Books
Purchase: Amazon

At twenty-three, Calista Beckett is trying to overcome her early fame and fortune. The former savior of the world on Starlight is now a freshman at college—miles away from L.A. and her former existence. She sees it as her start to a new life, a normal life, one where she won’t make the same mistakes she made before—a brush with heroin addiction and losing her freedom to her controlling mother, thanks to a court order.

Eric Stone played her older brother, Byron, on Starlight. But she’s been in love with him pretty much since they kissed—her first kiss—while auditioning. When Eric shows up on campus out of the blue, Calista’s struck immediately by two things: first, in spite of everything that’s happened, she still feels something dangerous for him, and second, she’s absolutely determined not to let him ruin her life again.

Only Eric’s not going away so easily.



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