Sophie Jordan’s Firelight Optioned For Movie

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In the continuing trend of young adult books being optioned for film, Sophie Jordan’s wildly successful book Firelight was just snatched up by Mandalay Pictures.  The book, part of a three-book series, tells the tale of Jacinda, a draki and a descendant of dragons, who after breaking a sacred tenet of her people is forced to flee into the mortal world with her family. As she struggles to fit in to her new surroundings she finds herself inexplicably drawn to Will, who along with his family, just so happens to be a hunter of the draki. As Jacinda struggles to hold on to the draki part of herself she is forced to remain close to Will, endangering her heart and her life.

There is no word yet on who is attached to the film other than Peter Guber and Cathy Schulman in producing roles. We will be keeping an eye out for any future developments.



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