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Endlessly Discussion

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What did you think of Reth in this book? He seemed uncharacteristically human to me. What are your feelings on Evie’s journey of self-discovery? What about Lend’s and Evie’s relationship? What did you think of Evie being so bothered about being manipulated into doing things? Jack. Jack. Jack. Did you love to hate him or hate to love him or […]

Something Strange and Deadly Discussion

Living as a member in Victorian society Eleanor has certain expectations in the way she dresses and behaves which she finds very restrictive. How do you think you would enjoy the lifestyle that her mother is continuously forcing on her? Seances were a very common Victorian pastime at parties with the desire to make contact with the dead seen as both fun and exciting. […]

Timepiece Discussion

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Questions coming soon!

Shadow and Bone Discussion

  Discussion questions for this title are: Alina and Mal are best friends who grew up in an orphanage together and have shared everything. We learn later in the book that she hides her powers during her initial testing to stay with him, would you have done the same How does Alina feel about her powers? How do her feelings […]

August 2012 Bookclub Selections

It’s August and hot so what better way to spend the last lazy days of summer than partaking in our monthly bookclub discussion. We have chosen four diverse books for this months selection that include Steam Punk, a popular series sequel, a series finale, and fantasy.